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woodandroot project was founded summer 2012 in moscow, russia. at that very time we chose materials we like and trends we wish to follow. we respected things with their own history which were discovered on flea markets all around the world.
we were attracted to peculiar driftwood thrown out on salty ocean beaches. roots and branches of hurricane blown trees in eurasian greenwood and tropical jungles. each of these wood pieces had its own story that belonged to a certain place. when we made a light or an interior item we made it alive again by opening a new page of its existence. 
we cannot imagine our life without travelling. why waiting a holiday or a weekend to go somewhere?! so work that is tightly knit with wandering and exploring the world became the keynote of our story. together with this notion the idea of production mobility was born. we can work anywhere practically under any conditions.
mobility is inextricably linked with lack of unnecessary things and thoughts. this concept grew out into interest of happy life in ultra compact spaces of vans, tiny houses and tents.
while exploring new spheres we became interested in modern technologies like cnc machining and microcontrollers which help to create not only practical things for life but kinetic and light installations for the soul.

Zhenia and Pavel